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I decided that I want to end every week with a kind of reflection. I want to make sure I document the highs and lows of each week so I can remember that even things get tough, there are always good times. Sometimes when bad things happen, it’s easy to feel like things will never get better but it’s important to remember that with the bad comes the good!

This week was a great week! Between taking a much needed rest on Sunday to getting some much needed yoga practice in, it’s been a productive week!







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This week I was finally able to use a gift I received that was very dear to me. My great-grandmother recently passed away at the young age of 103. She always had Franciscan Desert Rose China and my mom was able to track down some pieces with that pattern to give to my sisters and I (my great-grandmother’s actual China was with a family member somewhere I believe). I was given a teacup and saucer along with her old train case. It still smells like her! I finally was able to use my teacup this week and I love that I have that in my possession!


I will admit that I completely screwed up in terms of diet and exercise this week. I don’t know why, but I feel like I just haven’t been able to stick with things as much as I’d like. I took Sunday off like usual- Sunday is a rest day in our house- then worked out Monday, Tuesday, and this morning. I just haven’t felt like I’ve been pushing myself hard enough and my diet is so poor! It made me feel pretty awful about myself this week, to be honest.


For this week, my goal is to eat a healthier diet but, most importantly,┬ánot be so hard on myself if I don’t. I have a bad habit of feeling guilty for not having great nutrition all the time and that’s just silly and needs to stop!


What are some of your highs and lows of this week and what are your goals for next week?

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  1. Grandma Cook would love knowing that you remember her through the little things. :)

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