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Breakfast at Goose Feathers and Superbowl Sunday! Life

This weekend was a lot of fun! I was really busy Saturday and Sunday, but I had a really good time.

Friday night, my husband and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We go to dinner every Friday night and usually it’s my weekly treat meal. I usually get the Sirloin salad, but I got chicken critters with a side of fries and a side salad this time. There was SO much food leftover. The leftovers fed both Mike and I the next day!


Saturday we went to the gym. I worked arms and did some cardio on the arc trainer. I’m really trying to change up my workouts so my body doesn’t get complacent. I did dumbbell curls, military presses, tricep extension, lateral raises- all kinds of arm exercises. One of my favorite supersets of the day was a tricep and bicep SS on the cable machine with the rope attachment.

3 sets
Exercise 1: Overhead Tricep Extension with Rope Attachment- 10 reps
Exercise 2: Bicep Hammer Curl with Rope Attachment- 10 reps


On Saturday night, we went to a friends house to watch the UFC fights. We were supposed to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, but we ended up skipping that because the wait was going to be forever and they have this rule that your whole party has to be there before you’re seated. I get where they’re coming from, but it sucks if you’re a party of 5 and your 5th is running behind. Kind of ridiculous to me.


On Sunday, we met up with my sister for breakfast. My sister lives in the Atlanta area but she was in Savannah for a conference for school. We picked her up from the hotel and went to a local cafe called Goose Feathers. Let me tell you: if you’re ever in Savannah, you need to go to Goose Feathers for breakfast! It’s delicious, cheap, and wholesome. They have a ton of gluten free options as well. Both of my sisters avoid gluten. One of them has Celiac and I’m glad I found a place I can bring her when she comes to visit. They even ask if your gluten free products need to be prepared completely separately, which is uncommon and really awesome for those who need that.


At Goose Feathers, I got the eggs benedict which was served on a croissant. I also tried some of Mike’s breakfast burrito. I am really not a breakfast burrito fan, but this one was awesome. The eggs were seasoned well and they didn’t skimp on the meat.

Overall, I really liked this restaurant and we will definitely be going back! They also serve lunch so I want to try one of their sandwiches one day.

Sunday night was the Superbowl! We went to our friends’ house and watched the game there.

This was definitely not the healthiest of weekends, but I tried to balance out all the rich food with some healthy choices and exercise. All that said, it’s definitely ok to indulge every once in awhile as long as you get back on track the next day- which is what I’m doing today!

Tonight I’m making turkey meatballs with a ranch yogurt sauce- it tastes like gyros! I’ll share the recipe later. You won’t believe that it’s good for you!

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