Carrie’s Favorite Things- Accessories and Equipment


Accessories and Equipment

  • Monster DNA Headphones
    If you’re looking for noise canceling headphones that have good sound quality and don’t cost a kabajillion dollars, these are perfect. They’re over the ear headphones- great for that “I’m lifting, don’t bother me” look. They’re super comfortable, come in awesome colors, and they sound amazing. Bonus: They’re not $200.
  • Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor
    I have had this HRM for about a year now. I’ve found that it acts up a little bit after about 90 minutes of intense exercise- maybe due to the chest strap coming out of place- but it is amazing for lifting days for me. I get an accurate count of calories burned, I can make sure I know when I need to get my heart rate back up, and it’s past data feature is awesome. If you’re looking for a good but relatively inexpensive HRM, the Polar FT7 is it!



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